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Clinic Information

Introducing the newest family member, Monica Belle Lenzo!
Clinic Information
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Dr. Lenzo's Tips for Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention.

Lenzo Animal Hospital

Dr. Lenzo established Lenzo Animal Hospital in 1990 as a family and pet friendly hospital. He and the staff work hard to create an atmosphere of caring and quiet competence.
   Dr. Lenzo is typically available by appointment Monday thru Friday and every other Saturday until noon. Walk-ins are done as time allows and house calls are possible with advanced notice.

Phone Numbers
               Office: (828) 369-2635
               Home: (828) 369-2860
               Emergency- if unable to reach Dr. Lenzo at the office or home, call Reach Emergency hospital at (828)665-4399 or any other local vet.


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